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Participate in an cours, it is to follow a quality training, inscribed in the extension of the artistic education of full exercise. Joining the AKDT is also immersing yourself in a world of creation and meeting other amateurs and professionals. Nearly 200 courses in Music, Visual Arts, Dance and World Music and Performing Arts are on offer. They are aimed at anyone who wants to learn or improve in an artistic discipline.

The AKDT offers about twenty courses for children and teenagers: music, dance, theater, visual arts ... There is something for everyone.

A team of animators will supervise the youngest students outside class time.

Find details of courses and practical information on our website.

The AKDT is supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Wallonia-Brussels International, the Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the Provinces of Luxembourg, Hainaut and Brabant Wallon, the Communes of Neufchâteau and Libramont and thanks them.

Their support is essential to maintaining the artistic and educational quality of the courses.


Latest actualities

Débuter dans le soufflage du verre

Découvrez les photos prises par Verribelglass lors du stage "Débuter dans le soufflage du verre", du 8 au 14 juillet...

Présentations de fin de stages - Neufchâteau - Semaine 4

Voici le programme, sous réserve de petites modifications, des présentations de fin de stages pour la dernière semaine...

Ateliers ouverts - Semaine 4 - Neufchâteau

Voici le programme des ateliers ouverts pour la deuxième semaine de stages du 29 juillet au 5 août 2018 en Arts du...

Concerts de fin de stage - Libramont - Semaine 3

Voici les horaires des concerts de fin de stage en Musique à Libramont : VENDREDI 27/07 - Pivoines : 19:30...

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