LIENARD FrançoisArts plastiques
LIENARD François
LIENARD FrançoisArts plastiques

François Liénard (Borinage, 1967)

Collagist in his spare time , poet at 4:30 pm , collector at 5 pm, culturel activist (editions and organization of exhibitions of all kinds) since 1993. Studies at the Erg (School of Graphic Research in Brussels) from 1989 to 1993, first collages and first texts. Micro-editor with L.E.Q.C.D.N.A.C.P. (Les Editions Qui Changent De Nom A Chaque Parution) since 2001, organisator of exhibitions with "le Chalet de Haute Nuit" in Bruxelles and beyond 1994 to 2008. A companion in time of Brussels Surrealists gathered around Tom Gutt. Professor of Art History and lecturer at "des Académies des Beaux-Arts" in Wallonie and in Brussels. Often found himself writing texts or putting on exhibitions in the outsider art circels  (Créahm Bruxelles, Créahm and Madmusée in Liège, La « S » Grand Atelier in Vielsalm). Before any amateur of images but also fan of popular music (heavy, death and black metal), biblio-phile and-phage, wrote hundred of texts on known and unknown artists since 1992. Master of training at the Akdt since 2007, he has become, to his delight, artistic advisor in 2018.
DUJARDIN VincentMusique
DUJARDIN VincentMusique
The life is a perpetual mirror… December 22nd, 1965, Huy, it snows… Birth of an unknown, not a soldier… First culinary experiments, tropical virus. Beginning of the Seventies, begins football with passion. Childhood full with life, discoveries, game, football, falls, stitches, laughter, joys and desires. End of the Seventies, begins the music with chance and challenge. Beginning of the Eighties, as Humanities, a professor (of music): “Madam, we will never make a musician of him! ”, and he recorder it and arranged  it well in his attache-case.

1985, obtaining the medal of the Government in saxophone to the Music college of Huy, admission to the Royal Academy of Liege and award-winning of national competition “Pro Civitate” of the communal Credit, June 1986, First price of saxophone (class of Albert Tyssens and Jean-Marc Lissens), June 1989, higher diploma of saxophone, higher diploma of chamber music with the greatest distinction (class of Jean-Pierre Peuvion), Huy, youth, friendships, groups, jam, concerts, shows, Alain Pierre, Nathalie Loriers, Gérald Bernard, I azzphyxie, Eric Legnini, Stéphane Galand, Jean-Pierre Catoul, Common Presence, Marie-Paule Cornia, PoéSI, Christian Dalimier, Patrick Quinet, Georges Hermans…

Meetings, ways crossed, parallel, Liege, there to live, be creative, Brussels to create there, Paris to play there, Amsterdam, experiments, recordings, concerts, shows, Ed Bogaert, AKDT , Jean-Pierre Peuvion, Bernard Foccroulle, Philippe Pierlot, Operated Royal of Wallonia, Joe Lovano, Boyan Vodenitcharov, Henri Pousseur, Pierre Bartholomé, New Music Unit, Philharmonic orchestra of Liege, Opera of Flandres, Meerce Cuningham, Orchestrates RTBF, James Tudor, Ballet Orkest Amsterdam, Pierre Boulez, Radulescu, Luciano Bério, François-Bernard Mâche, Arnould Massart, Marc Maréchal, Claude Ledoux, Michel Fourgon… thousand others… known or not, such important… enrichment, evolution.

Teaching, internships, passions! Reflections! Academy of music of Malmedy, of Saint Nicolas's Day, various internships, 1996 AKDT, working groups and of teaching, Conservatory reflection of Liege, University of Liege Department of experimental pedagogy, UVCB, Ministry CFWB, formations, eutonie… Music, movement, arts, Art, people, curiosity, interiority, music in street, transdisciplinarity, to open, horizons, yesterday, towards…, tomorrow? , family, food, music everywhere, by all, for all, mountain, silence, contrasts, certainty, doubts, return ticket, life… confidence, complicity, respect, laughter, the Human one!
STANCZYK ChristineDanses et musiques du monde
STANCZYK Christine
STANCZYK ChristineDanses et musiques du monde
After a Master degree in journalism and communication in the ULB (on the time when that was still called Licence) and some small jobs of freelance journalist and others, I decided “to change life” and to discover Cuba. Thanks to a grant, I had the occasion to discover the famous school of cinema of San Antonio of los Banos rested by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, where I followed some workshops of documentaries.
It was in 1989, year of the fall of the Berlin Wall and of the “periodo especial” in Cuba, i mean, one period when absolutely all missed with the population except house rum made and the houses of Trova, where I discovered fantastic musicians of an age already quite advanced.
A few years later, some of them would turn in the whole world (but good, I did not have nothing to do there…). One year later, returnd in Belgium with the desire this time for leaving for Mexico, where I worked two years for a center of the rights of the natives and product of the documentaries, in particular on Chiapas right before the great revolts.

Of return in Belgium, birth of my Arto son, like Lindsay.
I reinstall myself in Brussels and works for Lundis d' Hortense: plunged in the Belgian jazz, I organize in particular the internships “Jazz with the Green” and Jazz Tours. After 5 years of LDH and 2 other children (April and Lula), I am engaged by Informal European Theatre Meeting to coordinate “100 Artists in Palestine” a project of exchange between Palestinian and European artists: beautiful meetings with artists of all disciplines, intense and unforgettable moments between Jerusalem and Ramallah in full Intifada.

Fault of financial means, the project ends, but the contacts were created and certain projects imagined by the artists continue still today. After the music, the contemporary dance: I direct the Company Michèle Anne De Mey and become then producing and in charge of diffusion for the Company Mossoux-Kindness.
New travel, new meetings: rounds and international festivals, organization of internships within the company and abroad. For a few years, the social context and helping policy, inspired by Rob Hopkins and the movement of the transition, I have concentrated more on more local and engaged, in particular environmental sets of themes while keeping a link privileged with the culture and the artists whom I mix with the daily life.

KEMPT MarjorieArts du spectacle
KEMPT Marjorie
KEMPT MarjorieArts du spectacle
Born in 1977, in Gaume, land of legends, forests, rivers and typical villages along the meanders.
Childhood cradlet in illusions and stories, passionate about dance, contact with horses and always looking forward to meeting others as soon as possible.
I take my independence and the broad in Brussels to the small majority, hesitate between studies of journalism - tot be a reporter without borders ? - and philo & letters - to be teacher of French or languages ? - to project me.

Finally, it will be a bachelor in Romance languages and literatures, then a European master in Information and Communication, section ELICIT (Studies of Literature, Cinema and Television in audiovisuals. All the cards in my hands now...
I leave the city, diplomas as strings to my bow, back to the countryside, for love. From a breath of fresh air, in 2000, began the reign of the open doors : i give cinema workshops in CEC (wink to Marie Claire Clause), do the introductions of het audiovisual in socio-professional integration at the beginning, or in reception center forasylum seekers stll recently, and I reach, at 24, the direction of the Cultural Center of habay, newly recognized by the FWB. Respondible for the day-to-day management, promotion and programming of a season.
2001, odyssey of a cultural season on the 5 senses. That makes sense. I learn very quickly the versuality, I compose, I orginaze, I write, I engage, I create...
From this experience will be born Loyal friendships and creative collaborations ever more. In audiovisual scenography for example, for several pieces proposed by l'Impact asbl. Of which "Goods", collective and multidisciplinary creation of a show around the theme of the commodations of society, "The girl and death" by Ariel Dorfman, or "The love cannibale" Philippe Barré, all staged by Marie-Gilles Vander Essen.

My temperament pushes me to move, to develop my network, to vreate strong links, to put people in touch with projects. I cumulate the jobs and activities that put me constantly in contact with the artistic world. I am coordinating the CEC in Florenville, The Chiny International Storytelling Festival ("Stree" program in 2011 and 2012), I give trainig and cinema workshops for teen-adults in CECE, Youth Center, or AMO in all the Province of Luxembourg, I edit video clips for VSF (NGO) for pleasure, I burst into cinema control (pilot of a series on RTBF) and creation/ coordination of popular events (music festivals of Izel for 10 years, Heritage Days, art competitions, leisure parties etc...).
In parallel, I teach and deepen my knowledge in active pedagogy and neuroscience ; i am, between 204 and 2018, prof of French, audio-visual, moral and educational practices.
Because in 2015, after 15 years of "off-road" experiences of connections, of meaning, and bathed in the magic cualdron of the cultural and artistic sector, I pass to the act gathering all these passions, by founding teh 'asbl ARTillery (event coordination and transmedia/arts/cinema/ausiovisual projects-production/creation/rducation axis). Which unfolds constantly.
On this horizon, of births and travel in time, in 2018, I am happely engaged to the AKDT that i frequent in dilettante since my memory in 2000 - ( a note to Philippe Bourgueil and Marc Bastien)... a loop closes and opens to the desire, the "chance" of life...
When one's heart i sfull and rich with humans, anything is possible !

To be continued....