ALVES PEREIRA ManuelArts plastiques
ALVES PEREIRA ManuelArts plastiques
“To function by intuition while avoidin the maximum off redundancies. To establish links of which I do not understand all the directions directly but that I feel as being primary and essential to stimulate my works. Pictorial way, I looked only the canvas: lighter and flexible, coloured in the mass, rubber band, carved by the tension - excroissance on the surface of skin, revealing of dialogues, convulsions psycho-organics, anxious bodies.

It is often the place in itself which is evocative and generates a process of appropriation, confers an intimate direction to him who deteriorates perception and makes conspicuous it until in the plastic exit a manner is expressed of colonizing this space, to affect it.
That is where is located the origin and the achievement of Time Suspended - Project 2 or other installations such as Eat Gold Be Eaten (work integrated into a canopied fourposter bed in a room of the castle of Waroux - Liege (B)).

The experiment of a place can also give birth to a work which is detached from its support and is released entirely in space, there it takes source and life, evolves there, to become an infinity of variations as at the time of the performance Bodystocking Doubles (to be hybrid: a man, a woman and a sphere covered with will lycra, amalgamated).
It can also be the history, the tradition even the folklore which seizes my imaginary and indefatigably mixes it to this precise point and individual where a dialogue between the intimate universe and the common universe takes place: I Am Another (reappropriation of the mask Length Born resulting from the folklore malmédien: the mask is duplicated and the nose of the one is prolonged in that of the other).

Beyond these meticulous, tortuous and obsessional routes, I like to think that work is addressed to the intimate being before addressing itself to the cultural being. ”

DUJARDIN VincentMusique
DUJARDIN VincentMusique
The life is a perpetual mirror… December 22nd, 1965, Huy, it snows… Birth of an unknown, not a soldier… First culinary experiments, tropical virus. Beginning of the Seventies, begins football with passion. Childhood full with life, discoveries, game, football, falls, stitches, laughter, joys and desires. End of the Seventies, begins the music with chance and challenge. Beginning of the Eighties, as Humanities, a professor (of music): “Madam, we will never make a musician of him! ”, and he recorder it and arranged  it well in his attache-case.

1985, obtaining the medal of the Government in saxophone to the Music college of Huy, admission to the Royal Academy of Liege and award-winning of national competition “Pro Civitate” of the communal Credit, June 1986, First price of saxophone (class of Albert Tyssens and Jean-Marc Lissens), June 1989, higher diploma of saxophone, higher diploma of chamber music with the greatest distinction (class of Jean-Pierre Peuvion), Huy, youth, friendships, groups, jam, concerts, shows, Alain Pierre, Nathalie Loriers, Gérald Bernard, I azzphyxie, Eric Legnini, Stéphane Galand, Jean-Pierre Catoul, Common Presence, Marie-Paule Cornia, PoéSI, Christian Dalimier, Patrick Quinet, Georges Hermans…

Meetings, ways crossed, parallel, Liege, there to live, be creative, Brussels to create there, Paris to play there, Amsterdam, experiments, recordings, concerts, shows, Ed Bogaert, AKDT , Jean-Pierre Peuvion, Bernard Foccroulle, Philippe Pierlot, Operated Royal of Wallonia, Joe Lovano, Boyan Vodenitcharov, Henri Pousseur, Pierre Bartholomé, New Music Unit, Philharmonic orchestra of Liege, Opera of Flandres, Meerce Cuningham, Orchestrates RTBF, James Tudor, Ballet Orkest Amsterdam, Pierre Boulez, Radulescu, Luciano Bério, François-Bernard Mâche, Arnould Massart, Marc Maréchal, Claude Ledoux, Michel Fourgon… thousand others… known or not, such important… enrichment, evolution.

Teaching, internships, passions! Reflections! Academy of music of Malmedy, of Saint Nicolas's Day, various internships, 1996 AKDT, working groups and of teaching, Conservatory reflection of Liege, University of Liege Department of experimental pedagogy, UVCB, Ministry CFWB, formations, eutonie… Music, movement, arts, Art, people, curiosity, interiority, music in street, transdisciplinarity, to open, horizons, yesterday, towards…, tomorrow? , family, food, music everywhere, by all, for all, mountain, silence, contrasts, certainty, doubts, return ticket, life… confidence, complicity, respect, laughter, the Human one!
STANCZYK ChristineDanses et musiques du monde
STANCZYK Christine
STANCZYK ChristineDanses et musiques du monde
After a Master degree in journalism and communication in the ULB (on the time when that was still called Licence) and some small jobs of freelance journalist and others, I decided “to change life” and to discover Cuba. Thanks to a grant, I had the occasion to discover the famous school of cinema of San Antonio of los Banos rested by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, where I followed some workshops of documentaries.
It was in 1989, year of the fall of the Berlin Wall and of the “periodo especial” in Cuba, i mean, one period when absolutely all missed with the population except house rum made and the houses of Trova, where I discovered fantastic musicians of an age already quite advanced.
A few years later, some of them would turn in the whole world (but good, I did not have nothing to do there…). One year later, returnd in Belgium with the desire this time for leaving for Mexico, where I worked two years for a center of the rights of the natives and product of the documentaries, in particular on Chiapas right before the great revolts.

Of return in Belgium, birth of my Arto son, like Lindsay.
I reinstall myself in Brussels and works for Lundis d' Hortense: plunged in the Belgian jazz, I organize in particular the internships “Jazz with the Green” and Jazz Tours. After 5 years of LDH and 2 other children (April and Lula), I am engaged by Informal European Theatre Meeting to coordinate “100 Artists in Palestine” a project of exchange between Palestinian and European artists: beautiful meetings with artists of all disciplines, intense and unforgettable moments between Jerusalem and Ramallah in full Intifada.

Fault of financial means, the project ends, but the contacts were created and certain projects imagined by the artists continue still today. After the music, the contemporary dance: I direct the Company Michèle Anne De Mey and become then producing and in charge of diffusion for the Company Mossoux-Kindness.
New travel, new meetings: rounds and international festivals, organization of internships within the company and abroad. For a few years, the social context and helping policy, inspired by Rob Hopkins and the movement of the transition, I have concentrated more on more local and engaged, in particular environmental sets of themes while keeping a link privileged with the culture and the artists whom I mix with the daily life.

VANDER ESSEN Marie-GillesArts du spectacle
VANDER ESSEN Marie-GillesArts du spectacle
Graduate of the royal Academies of Liege and Brussels, Marie-Gilles Vander Essen supplements his formation while following various internships to the International Academy of Summer of Wallonia (voice, Balinese mask and physical theatre). It is directed by 1996 towards the contemporary theatre and more particularly towards the production and founds with other actors a asbl, “the Impact”, which creates shows in Liege, Brussels, Namur and which settles definitively in province of Luxembourg in 2000 when it works in coproduction with the Arts centre of Bertrix: (The disease to be fly of Anne-Lou Steininger in 2000 - Diktat of Enzo Cormann in 2001 - Comedy on a quay of station of Samuel Benchetrit in 2002 - Ashes on the hands of Laurent Gaudé in 2004 - Art de Yasmina Reza in 2005 - Goods (creation of a multi-media show) in 2006 - the solitary West of Martin Mc Donagh in 2007 - the young girl and the death of Ariel Dorfman in 2008 - To make love is a mental illness which wastes time and energy of Fabrice Melquiot in 2009) - the great return of Boris S. de Serge Kribus in 2010 - the kiss of the widow of Israël Horovitz in 2011 - Fine of part of Samuel Beckett in 2012 - Gilles and the night of Hugo Claus in 2013.

She put in scene Luxembourg troops: the theatre of the Hedgehog with Nightingale (the ballade of the boards of Jean-Paul Alègre in 2003 - Tomorrow, a window on street of Jean-Claude Grumberg in 2004 - After the rain of Sergi Belbel in 2006 - Silence in slides of Michael Frayn in 2007 - a table for six of Alan Ayckbourn in 2008) and the theatrical Center of Bertrix (the dinner of idiots of Francis Veber in 2004 - Ladies' tailor of Georges Feydeau in 2005). She also put in scene the musical “West Side Story” of Léonard Bernstein under the direction of the chief David Reiland in 2006 and created with nursery nurses a show “Recto back” bound for smallest in 2007.

Marie-Gilles Vander Essen teaches arts of the word to the Academy of Bertrix since 1995 and gave internships of theatre for the 15-18 years with the International Academy of Summer of Wallonia (AKDT) of 2003 to 2008.