SANKRITYAYAN Ashish                   
Saturday, 14 July 2018 - Saturday, 21 July 2018
  A partir de 16 ans

Oral tradition rooted in the Vedas, if it touches us as much today as an artistic and spiritual expression, it is because it brings us straight into a space of great calm and deep contemplation.
As in any oral tradition, learning is done by impregnation, it is the contact with the teacher who will be our first teacher.
Listen, repeat, feel ... and capture what is subtle, beyond the technique. The workshop focuses on the aspects of Nada yoga of the dhrupad (internal listening). The morning practice "Kharâj" invites us to descend gently into the depths of the low, to open our ears formatted "well tempered" micro-tones. Gradually listening deepens and refines and we experience a world of unsuspected sensations. The techniques covered include energetic work with breathing and breathing, accompaniment of mudras (hand gestures) and learning the different resonances of the voice, oral solfege exercises in saregam, the practical study of Raga.This practice allows to refine enormously our listening and brings keys for a very fine understanding of the harmonics by reconnecting with them by the enconscience practice. It is these shrutis, these micro-tones that will give the Raga, their particular vocal color generating a unique imaginative atmosphere.During this internship, we will work on ranges with micro-tones, derived from the highest harmonics, which will then allow us to enter the atmosphere of the Raga by giving it its particular color. It is the fruit of a long years' work and it opens on entirely new perspectives in the listening and the subtlety of the sequence of the tones between them .... A discovery in the path of the yoga of the sound what is the meditative song Dhrupad!

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