Professeur: thumb_jana ambrazova

Jana Ambrózová is aa experienced Slovakian singer, violin player and ethnomusicologist. She works as a lecturer at the Department of Ethnomusicology and Folkloristics (Faculty of Arts at the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra). She is a member of two well-known women singing choirs in Slovakia: TRNKI (based in Banská Bystrica) and Vranky (based in Nitra), which focus on study and precise musical interpretation of traditional multipart singing preserved in the villages of Western, and Central Slovakia even until today. Regarding her scientific preoccupation, her research is based mostly within the Romani communities of Horehronie region in Central Slovakia. Since 2005 she has recorded many Romani string bands and analysed the style of musical interpretation of the violin players and the structure of rhythm patterns used by players with accompanying function. She is a founder of an organisation Tradana, which is engaged in researching and popularizing of local musical and dance traditions of Slovakia. She has led various singing and violin workshops as a lecturer, as well. As a member of folk band Borievka and an experimental/contemporary music trio NE:BO:DAJ she gained experience of different playing and singing techniques.