CARDACE Alessandra

Professeur: thumb_alessandra cardace
Stage: Lindy Hop
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Meticulous and passionate teachers and lovers of traditional New Orleans Jazz, Sax and Ale love every single move that can be danced to in Swing music. The Alvisi’s have dedicated their life to Lindy hop since 2009 when they joined the Italian performance group ͞"The Wops".Coming from extremely different dance backgrounds including Boogie Woogie, Twist, Hip Hop and modern dance, Sax and Ale have a unique feeling for Lindy hop. They havemastered their own style: elegant and smooth, spiced up with vigour and tenacity, typical of the Afro-American population, from which they are inspired every day. They are cofounders of the Nagasaki Swing Team and since 2011 have become ambassadors of Swing throughout Italy, cultivating and spreading exclusive musicals and performances dedicated to the wonderful scene, dances and culture of the ͞"Swing Era" period. Sax and Ale are always eager to learn new things and inspired by different people and feel that dancing around the world can satisfy that thirst.  They have danced and taught in Barcelona, Madrid, Malmo, Vitoria, Fribourg, Brussels, Paris, Rome, Grenoble, New Orleans, Ljubljana, Genova and Montpellier and have greatly developed their style by dancing and competing with artists from all around the world!They are known for sharing their passion, what they call "Philososwing", through teaching and social dancing and attract people to their world. Their classes take place in Brussels, but they also teach workshops and participate in festivals around Europe, trying to create their dream of a perfect world... with a syncopated rhythm!

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