Professeur: thumb_anna wikenius

Anna Wikenius is one of four singers in the highly acclamied vocal group Kongero and also in the swedish finnish experimental trio Folk'Avant. She is a trained singer, voice and ensemble teacher in jazz/rock and holds a degree from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and Piteå Music College. Anna is an experienced choir leader and vocal teacher and holds workshops in swedish traditional singing and vocal group. Since 5 years Anna is based in Stockholm working as vocal teacher at Vocal Devotion inbetween touring and composing music for her different constallations. She is also often hired as a soloist and guest singer in folk music masses, the jazz trio FHL Trio or togeather with guitarist Jacob Grubbström etc. Anna has among others studied for Lena Willemark, Susanne Rosenberg, The Real Group and Mikael Marin. Anna Wikenius grew up in a little village called Dalfors outside of Sandviken in the middle of Sweden. She started to sing, play the piano and play the trumpet the at an early age. After many years at the local music school she attended the musical theater program at Sandvikens music high school. 3 years later she moved up to the very north of Sweden and stayed there for 6 years, studying music at Framnäs Folkhögskola and Piteå College of music. At this time she came in contact with the swedish folk music and fell head over heels in love with it. She moved to Stockholm and attended the bachelor program in swedish folk music at the Royal collage of music in Stockholm. She now lives in Sweden and works as a professional singer in different bands and constallations and is frequently hired as a vocal teacher in both folk music and jazz/pop.