Lucile Nook

2023-421 Lucile Nook portret

Where meet vocal traditions, ethnic folk and dimensions of awakening to consciousness and sacred, Lucile’s sharing all her joy to sing life and to renew oneself by creativity.

She has got a soul of researcher and adventurer. She’s from a family of full artists and still has elvolved around stages (author, composer; traditional dances; bodily and theatrical expression; writing) and in parallel has worked focusing on personal development and awakening of consciousness.

Trained in various therapies (holistic kinesiology, psycho-relaxation therapy, Dr Bach’s floral essences, aromatherapy, energetic massage, lithotherapy…) she’s worked few years in these fields as a therapist and art-therapist by voice.

It is natural that she was led to develop a singing teaching technique incorporating awareness of the body, its unity, emotional management and of course her work on sounds and vibrations based on the listening and experimenting, while remaining true to his passion for root songs and vocal traditions in ethnic folklores.

Likewise, she collaborated with shamans in this way emphasizing the listening of the Human and the Nature in all their dimensions.

For more than twenty years she has created and has worked with few musical projects like celtic rock, tribal and pagan folk afterwards and has had lot of stages performances or festivals, especially medieval and fantasy events in Belgium and abroad. She made recording some CDs. On the other hand, she was an art workshop leader (vocal, theatrical, bodily expressions) in different organizations, in Belgium, France and Reunion Island.

Currently, her life is shared between few musical projects, some didactic workshops leading about Middle-Age’s life and writing. She is drived by a special interest in the meaning of pagan sacred, in songs and feminity

through history.

She also can consider hyper sensitive, giftedness and overrefiscient persons…

Youtube link to some Lucile’s musical projects :

Language : French