Plan and access

In the heart of Europe

Located in the South-East of Belgium, the Province of Luxembourg has borders with France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, from which it has been definitively separated in 1839. It is the broadest province (444.114 hectares and 3.020 square metres). Its territory covers 1/7 of the Belgian territory but it is also the less populated, with only 284.638 inhabitants (january 2019). The forest is present everywhere and its four cultural regions (the Condroz, the Famenne, the Ardenne and the Belgian Lorraine) show multiple landscapes. For further information

To get to Libramont

Motorway E411 (exit 25 or 25bis) and the National N89 (Bouillon-Champlon) cross each other in Recogne, which is located at 5 kms of Libramont. Follow the direction of Libramont and then follow the arrows " Académie d'Eté".

The station of Libramont (Brussels-Luxembourg line) is at 1 km of the courses locations.
Courses locations AKDT : Institut Centre Ardenne ICA - Avenue Herbofin 39 - B-6800 Libramont

To get to Neufchâteau

AKDT : Athénée Royal - Avenue de la Victoire 28 - B-6840 Neufchâteau
Motorway E411 (exit 26 or 27). Follow the direction of Neufchâteau. At the entry of the city, go to Avenue de la Victoire, the Athénée is at 500 m ! Follow the direction "Académie d'Eté" (arrow signs)! By train (Brussels-Luxembourg line). In Libramont, take the local train until the station of Neufchâteau, which is at about 3 kms of the courses locations. There is a special "Académie d'Eté" bus in the station of Libramont on each welcome day. The shuttle will run between Libramont station and the Athénée Royal de Neufchâteau boarding school on Sundays 9, 16 and 23 July 2023 at 4.10 pm !

Courses locations AKDT : Athénée Royal - Avenue de la Victoire 28 - B-6840 Neufchâteau