Internship place

The internship will take place at Daily-Bul & Co : Rue de la Loi, 14 to B-7100 La Louvière

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


This writing workshop aims to make participants aware of the different writing techniques of the novel and the novel. In particular :

- What point of view to adopt? To write in me or in him? Advantages and disadvantages.

- Should we rely on a plan or go on an adventure? Advantages and disadvantages.

- The importance of the first sentence that will give the musical sound to the whole text.

- Forge a tone.

- Long sentences and short sentences: how to choose? How to alternate them harmoniously?

- Dialogues: long or synthetic?

- Help a text to run on its fair distance.

- The part of the imaginary and that of the autobiography.

- Write for oneself or for others.

- The transformation and the displacement of the lived experience.

- The Metaphore.

- The epiphany in the literary sense of the term.

- The ellipse.

- The mystery, the threat, the ambiguity.

- The part of the author, that of the character, that of the reader.

- How reading can help us write.

To help participants, the facilitator will give examples: reading news, extracts from novels, poems. He will also rely on the visual arts.


This workshop is accessible to everyone from 15 years old. No previous experience is required, only the desire to write.


Notebook, notebook, pens, pencils, anything that can write.

This internship is full.