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Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


During this week, in a “café-concert” spirit, we will discover the universe of realistic song which appeared at the beginning of the XX Century and popularized during the interwar period by performers such as Fréhel, Mistinguett, Damia, Piaf ...

Enter the themes that touch us, that evoke everyday life; love, poverty, drugs, war, prostitution, ... The major sound of this popular universe is that of musette balls; accordion with Jo Privat, Gus Viseur, Tony Murena ... with a repertoire of waltz and java, all washed down with a good dose of humor! This course is intended for musicians who want to discover this period; sing, interpret, play, accompany old songs and old tunes from the past. Level: You must be autonomous with your instrument, on the other hand for singing, everyone is welcome even those who have never sung !!!!!


Musicians must be confident on their individual instruments. However, singers of all levels are welcome to join, even those whom have never sung before!


Obviously your instrument will be necessary! Also, something on which to take notes, blank sheet music and something on which you can record. Feel free to bring waltz or java music that you like and wish to share, along with song lyrics, recordings, CDs and books. You can also bring along period costume: old dresses, hats, shoes, glasses and suspenders. Anything you can imagine is welcome!

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This internship is full.