Internship place

The internship will take place at la Bibliothèque de Libramont : Avenue de Houffalize, 56F to B-6800 Libramont-Chevigny

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


For our tenth calligraphy workshop at the AKDT, we offer this year the learning of rustica, a capital Roman writing used from the 1st to the 9th century.

After the study of historical documents, we will focus on learning to write with the pen: the letter, the words, the sentences. We will immerse ourselves in the world of the Roman Empire and discover manuscripts, murals and mosaics to stimulate our creativity.

For more experienced people, other writing tools can be used, mainly the brush ... as on the walls of Pompeii.
At the same time, we will explore different techniques of paper work but also the study and the exploitation of various supports for, from a historical writing, to lead to a contemporary creation.


This course is accessible to both beginners and more experienced participants.


Each participant will receive all the papers used during the internship, writing instruments (pens and penholders) as well as the documents necessary for learning.

We will also provide you with equipment for specific techniques to limit your purchases. Expect that for 20 euros. Feathers and penholders will be offered by the AKDT. A reserve of writing tools, will be on sale on the spot for those who wish it.

In particular, we draw your attention to the following three elements:
1. If you are left-handed, it is important that you let us know for the
order feathers.
2. For people who have already practiced calligraphy, do not forget your material
usual: feathers, feathers ...
3. Also think about taking texts, phrases, quotes ... that inspire you.

-Latte (preferably 40 cm) and / or large square Aristo (or equivalent mark) - full square to draw angles and parallel lines.
-Metal plate (30 cm minimum) - Graphite pencil or mechanical pencil - White pencil or white pencil (Veritas) -Good eraser and gum bread crumbs
-Cutter -Automatic cutting mat A3 -Pair of scissors - Repositionable adhesive - Double-sided adhesive
-Plioir - Walnut nut, ecoline or acrylic inks (eg Winsor & Newton), from China ...
-A few extra fine gouaches (preferably tube): black, white and colors to choose from

-2 water jars (glass) for rinsing the instruments
-Some very small glass or plastic jars with lid to keep gouache mixes (small ice cube trays can also be useful)
-Tooth brush used to clean the feathers - Cheap sponge -Chiffons -Apron -Paper towels -Cushion

You will receive the final list of materials a few weeks before the course, certainly completed with one or the other thing.

This internship is full.