Internship place

The internship will take place at l'Académie de Musique de Malmedy : Ruelle des Capucins, 2 à B-4960 Malmedy

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


This singing course offers immersion in jazz and vocal improvisation. It is aimed at people who already have a practice of jazz as well as those who wish to embark on the adventure. We will work around the following elements:

Vocal technique:

body-voice relationship, relaxation, flexibility of the vocal gesture, use of vocalizations adapted to the sound sought in different styles. Rhythm: in the body, the notions of pulsation, build and rhythmic placement.

Jazz harmony:

listening, learning chords, scales, modes and analysis of standards. The repertoire: phrasing and interpretation around a repertoire of jazz standards of different styles and currents (swing, blues, bossa, bebop, contemporary jazz). Improvisation will take pride of place. It is one of the pillars of jazz and above all a great tool to allow everyone to express themselves, to formulate a speech, in tune with their personality, their musical sensitivity and thus develop their creative potential. We will approach it in different ways: improvisation on chord charts, by the language of scat, instrumental imitation but also in free improvisation, solo or in group, in Circle Songs, etc.

A whole program that invites you to play with pleasure, to awaken the imagination, to interact in music with others, to feel the body in direct connection with the rhythm, the pulsation ... Music. Level Practice of jazz is preferable but not obligatory, on the other hand practice of singing is required, whether in collective (within a group or a choir) or in individual lessons in the academic and non-academic circuits.


It is important for learning the songs during the course to bring a recorder (zoom, dictaphone, dictaphone on smartphone, ...), as well as if possible a small keyboard (or application on Ipad / Iphone .. .).

Equipment will be provided on site, but if you have them, bring a microphone, cable and amplifier.


Trainees wishing to take this course should attach a cover letter to their registration request, including a summary of their musical background, as well as their aspirations for this course. This motivation letter will be sent by AKDT to the teacher for review. You will then be informed by email of the acceptance of your registration.

This internship is full.