Training place

The internship will take place in Neufchâteau;

Saturday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


A week of total immersion in the world of rhythms from the Maghreb, the Middle and the Far East! For a week, the darbuka, a chalice-shaped percussion, will be studied. Learning the instrumental techniques of darbuka will be based on the so-called "modern" technique (split hand technique), even if the rhythms practiced and worked will be drawn from a wide variety of cultures.

We will also approach improvisation in various forms by including it within the compositions.


In initiation or improvement, all levels are admitted. Depending on these, different groups will be created.


Learning is usually done by ear, so a recorder / dictaphone is a good way to keep track of the material studied. However, a specific darbuka scoring system exists and will be used.

It is therefore recommended to bring a notebook! Bring your own instrument (darbuka - preferably terracotta and natural skin, tar, bendir, frame drum ...). If necessary and on request, an additional instrument can be brought by the teacher.


Stage organisé uniquement en EXTERNAT et sans les repas.

Pour vous loger, consultez notre onglet "Hébergements".

This internship is full.