Training place

The internship will take place at the Libramont Cultural Center: Avenue d'Houffalize, 56d at B-6800 Libramont-Chevigny;

Wednesday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Dear children, the AKDT and the Libramont Cultural Center are pleased to announce their next course, which will focus on flamenco and Spanish.

During this three-day course, we invite you to introduce you to flamenco dance but also to the language of Cervantes, all in a fun and creative way!

On the program: rhythm games, singing, choreography, sketches in Spanish y ... ¡OLE!

Morning :

- warm-ups

- rhythm games

- foot and body exercises

- initiation into the history of flamenco dance in a fun way

- choreography with accessories

- initiation to Spanish.

Afternoon :

- warm-ups

- flamenco rhythms with the hands (palmas)

- flamenco singing (learning the 'letras')

- choreography with accessories

- sketches in Spanish.


Open to all, from 7 to 12 years old.


A full skirt for girls / A bolero for boys (or your choice)

- Heeled shoes, which make noise (or failing that, moccasins or ballerinas)

- A well-filled pen tray: pencils, markers, eraser, scissors, etc.


Course organized only in EXTERNAL WORK and without meals.

A daycare is provided for midday.

An original concept from'ASBL Sabor Flamenco

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Une collaboration avec le Centre culturel de Libramont-Chevigny

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