Internship place

The internship will take place at l'Ecole Supérieure des Arts de la Ville de Liège (ESAVL/ARBA) : Rue des Anglais, 21 to B-4000 Liège

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


"Every creative act implies a new innocence of the free perception of cataract of received ideas. Arthur Koestler

Course objectives:

Eradicate fear, a priori, to find the stage of creative gesture, one that unrestructively combines construction and spontaneity.
To provoke a questioning of an answer that protects, a carapace which the trainee will be invited to get rid of to find a truly creative dynamic.

The aim is to offer trainees, through drawing and painting, the discovery of the means of graphic expression that can lead to a personal plastic expression.
Topics will include still life, natural elements (landscapes), built elements and their integration, the human body, immobile or in action, and any other proposals that may change learning.
As a result, the observation, reflection and sharing sessions that will lead to the construction of a personal conviction prior to creation will be discussed.

Different sound and musical ambiances will be proposed as a support to the creation. In the same way, the transversality of the artistic disciplines and the connections with other courses on the site will be favored (music, improvisation, pictorial research, scenography, photography, ...)


- Awareness of the framing and the format: integration of the subject in a given context and interferences with the limits of the outline;
-Evaluation of the light intensities and the ratios between light and dark;
-Discovering the nuances of color intensity and contrast contributing to the definition of surfaces;
-Rendering shadows and lights;
-Discovering rapid drawing techniques aimed at synthesizing the subject covered;
-Exploration of unconventional means of application (fingers, left hand, ..), on supports and varied positions (easel, on the ground, outside, ...)
-Practice of different means of expression and evaluation of the most appropriate choices: charcoal, pencil, ink, pigments, ...
-Exploitation of photographic visuals as supports to the creation.


Each participant will be asked to formulate a project as an intention BEFORE the course. This project will be submitted for evaluation at the same time as the application.


Pencils of various densities, gums, charcoal, graphite, blood ...
Drawing papers min. 120gr, kraft, sketch papers for fast work ...
Color pigments, glue, brushes, spalters ...
Smartphone for photos, images, talking illustrations ...

... and all that can contribute to the discovery of creative tracks that we will collect in nature and on the site.

This internship is full.