Internship place

The internship will take place at Moulin Klepper : Rue du Moulin, 12 à B-6840 Neufchâteau

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


He can create the crowd, the cataclysms, bring to life the integer, the unspeakable before our eyes, construct by suggestion his own scenography. Stimulate or shake our senses without artifice. Give body to abstraction ... It's a compact theater where you can't cheat, hide or even breathe for a moment, but it is arguably the most jubilant circumstance for the actor. The monologue is theater ... We will work on the privileged - almost organic - relationship that develops between the solitary actor and the viewer.

We will be very careful to develop the meaning of the signifying gesture, the suggestive gesture up to the symbolic gesture. We will try to create a permanent dialectic between the text, the meaning, “the” senses, the body and the reality of the audience. How to move from one character to another, how to dialogue with an object, how to be yourself and your interlocutor in turn, in short, how to "make yourself the place and the representation". Part of the day will be devoted to exercises and acting games aimed at refining the tools of play and suggestion as much as possible. The rest of the time is spent on their use in selected monologues, whether they are monologues from the classical repertoire - Figaro, Hamlet, Electra, ... or contemporaries - Danis, Heiner Müller, Kleist, Bauchau,… Let them form a work in themselves - vagina monologue, Gelsomina, the maid Zerline, Novarina, Hunstadt,… - or from lighter or more popular repertoires - Coluche, Desproges, Woody Allen,… - or personal works of the intern.


The internship is reserved for people who already have a theatrical practice (amateurs, professionals, students in drama.). Exceptionally, we can accept one or the other person without experience (if it is very motivated and enthusiastic) after a small discussion that can be done over the phone.

Soft hold keeping the actor's mobility intact.
For more information Information, but also the tips or tracks for the choices of existing monologues can be obtained by mail or telephone. +32 (0) 476 95 24 59

This internship is full.