Internship place

The internship will take place at l'Atelier de Michèle Strepenne : Rue de la Tannerie, 4 à B-6880 Bertrix

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Objectives :
- Find our essence to give meaning to the massage.
- Explore our relationship to the touch received and given.
- Discover "the golden rules" of a quality massage.
- Learn the technique of movements and sequences.

During this internship, we will learn the right gesture :
- the basic techniques of the Belgian sensory massage
- installation movements.

During this internship, we will discover the world of touch :
- our functioning and our beliefs about this meaning
- the consequences of touch on the body and emotions
- the basic principles of tactile relation
- haptonomic touch
- the pleasure of receiving and giving.

The sequence of these movements will allow us to perform a complete massage at the end of the week.
Refocusing exercises will begin and end each day.
Alternation of the discoveries of the touch and the learning of movements of massage.
Learning the massage technique will appeal to our eyes to observe, our ears to record and our body to dance the movement and share it by giving it and receiving it.
The massage is received either shirtless or in a bikini in a climate of trust and respect.


All levels accepted.

Cushion or meditation seat - 2 very large sponge or 4 medium sheets - 1 fitted sheet (single bed) - 2 washcloths - massage oil or grape seed oil - Optional: an essential oil.
If you are in possession of a massage table, thank you to indicate it in your letter of motivation.


Attach a few words to your registration about your motivation.

This internship is full.