Internship place

The internship will take place at Moulin Klepper : Rue du Moulin, 12 à B-6840 Neufchâteau

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Taiji Quan proposes codified sequences of slow and circular movements, carried by the breath, which outline gestures of combat.
The form of the 108 will be put at the service of the vital energy, the Qi.
It will also allow a sensitive approach of Yin, Yang and their interaction. After basic exercises from Qi Gong and other techniques that emphasize the sensitivity of the hands, we approach some of the 108 figures that we repeat, decode on energy, martial and symbolic, and that we repeat again .. to discover that these sequences of movements are simpler than in appearance.
The explanations will not be preferred because it is the intimate experience that must be left behind.
The references to philosophers (Taoist ...), to poets ... who will cross our path, will invite to appease the mind and to open to the experience of the moment."Taiji Quan and Qi Gong are part of traditional Chinese" longevity "techniques.
They are an opportunity to return to a simplicity of gesture and attitude, to refuel and develop a sensitive listening of the body and nature.
The person who will accompany me during the workshop will help you repeat the movements of Qi Gong and Taiji that we will have learned together.

"As in recent years, a specific time will be devoted to a Taiji approach with long stick, in prolonged gestures, extensive space and enjoyment assured."


Open to everyone.


Flat shoes, blanket and floor mats, an outfit for outdoors and if possible a cushion for meditation (zafu).

This internship is full.