Here is how I describe my internship, related to the work I have been developing for some years on connections and electronics: "From the basic electronic circuits with battery, welding and various ways to animate the work (sounds, leds, movement), to the touchboard board (simple animation through the sounds thanks to the touch) and the arduino card, you will learn how to make an interactive work, playful and provoking the surprise to the spectator. The goal is not to give an electronics course, but to keep the freedom and joy of creating, with simple support. However, a presentation related to the theory will sometimes arise, following issues that emerge during the internship. "


No basic notion is necessary, because the learning is progressive, and simple by a pedagogy specially adapted by Monique Voz, to this type of training.


Bring: his PC (not required), a smartphone, his creative material to animate, materials in which you can cut and paste. Fabrics, rugs or other materials and 2 dominoes per person. And according to your possibilities, white and colored A3 200g paper pad, , black and transparent sticky paper (width 5cm).

White paper rol 80 or 90g 100cm width.
Cutter, glue gun en glue sticks (small).
Electric extension cable, socket multi-plug adapter.

Aucune notion de base n’est nécessaire, car l’apprentissage est progressif, et simple par une pédagogie spécialement adaptée par Monique VOZ, à ce type de stage.

This internship is full.