The tree, as a subject of artistic creation, has a primarily symbolic value. Its use is recurrent in painting, drawing, sculpture and land art, and has been since the first creative acts.

The tree is an endangered species and, behind it, it is humanity that is also, as ecological disasters remind us. In these troubled times, nature appears to us more beautiful than ever, and its artistic representation which has been symbolic, aesthetic or naturalistic takes on its full meaning.

During this course, we will be inspired and accompanied by works by artists who have used the theme of the tree during their research. Van Gogh, Klimt, Mondrian, Penone… and many other creators who were plastically and philosophically inspired by the tree or forest subject.

We will paint large, draw small, scratch, rub, glue, throw, assemble, record, film... and also take advantage of the front row seats of the forest surrounding the campus to familiarize ourselves with the secret life of trees, observe them, listen, and even stage them. Playful or mysterious, our creations will be like experiences renewed every day.


Children (from 8 years old) and teenagers



-Gouache paint primary colors + white and black

-Small bottle of Indian ink

-5b grease pencil, hb pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener

-Colouring pencils

-Grape format paper 300gr pouch of 10 to 20 sheets


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