The intentions of this workshop are manyfold :

  • Improve your bourrée technique in general, and dance without getting tired
  • Recognize the music of different types of bourrées
  • Take home a "catalog of every day bourrées "
  • Discover and practice dances that are more complicated and / or require a large number of dancers
  • And of course, have fun!

On a technical level, we will work on the steps, styles, rhythms and ornaments - some aspects common to different types of bourrée, and some typical of a specific repertoire. We will also work on posture, so you can dance for hours without getting tired.

Listening exercises will teach us to distinguish a straight bourrée (2-beat or 3-beat) from a bourrée in the "Auvergne" style (generally 3-beat).

The couple form will allow us to focus on communication between partners, musicality and improvisation. Learn to be free in your dance. Study of certain figures and variations to enrich one's vocabulary; ornaments and "frappés".

On the other hand, we will do a lot of collective bourrées - some fairly easy to remember and to share, and others more complicated and / or requiring a large number of dancers, which we don't often have the chance to dance in a ball.

We will dance in quadrettes (square, crossed, "crouzades"), with 6 or 8 dancers, in a circle, straight, rotating, waltzed, as a line (from 3 to x dancers) ... The more dancers we are, the more possibilities there will be ! Some of "traditional" origin and others recent creations.

And why not create the bourrée "AKDT 2022" ?!


For dancers who already have some experience in bourrée, or a solid experience in another structured dance, or at least a week of dance at AKDT (folk, waltzes, salsa ...).

The basics will be (re)visited, but we will move quickly towards a good number of simple to complicated bourrées. Note that bourrées are energetic dances, even if we will learn to dance without getting (too) tired.

Find it difficult to know your level ? Then contact Elena at +32 476 99 80 51 or


To protect your knees and back, bring shoes without (or with a small) heel, which allow you to slide well. Ideally, bring several pairs. Also bring a pair that will be comfortable on concrete (for the evening dances).

If you like, bring comfortable clothes for stretching on the floor, and a yoga mat, before or after class.

For the evening dances, and also for fun moments, why not bring a beautiful evening outfit ?

You may want to bring a note pad for musical references, and a camera to film the dances.


No dance partner required to register.
The workshop will be given in French, with translations to English or German if necessary.

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