Initiation and development
Trainees will learn or improve on clay turning and modeling techniques. They will explore the possibilities of dyes and ceramics. The firmed forms will be coated on the raw side of a slip filled with dyes and will be cooked in single-firing in a gas or electric oven at a temperature of 1215 °. It will also be possible to learn the technique of "Western Raku".


Open to everyone.


- Your little toolbox for the earth: edgers, mirettes, cutting threads, estèques, small kitchen knife, tips, brushes, rags, spray, plastic bags, jars and plastic buckets with lids. Thermal stripper, power strip and extension.
- For the plaster work: wooden board if possible waterproof (multiplex backelisé ideal!), A flexible rubber mortar, a strap, an old bicycle inner tube, a roll of extra-strong adhesive, spatulas, licks- dishes, a piece of lino (to make the formwork of the mold) and golden soap. Mask and gloves.
Not to mention the small logbook, to note, scribble in the moment ...


It is necessary to contact the teacher before registering for the course.
GSM +32 473 44 64 94

This internship is full.