Jean-Jacques Péché (production), accompanied by Thierry Baivier (image and editing) and Bernard Fincoeur (sound), is delighted to meet those who are eager to discover the riches of documentary cinema. He wishes to share with them the pleasure of perceiving the world, of reading it and of capturing it, while learning to divide a reality in order to better reconstruct it and restore it through the filter of his personality.

It is often said that a documentary cannot be written; it comes true. This reflection has the merit of emphasizing that a documentary is not based on the quality of a text or on its respect, but rather on the richness and quality of the locations and the characters selected.

Moreover, the success of a documentary also depends on the complicity and the quality of understanding that reigns within the small technical team that works there. In front of and behind the camera, there is indeed a human material with which we must learn to compose, work, progress. As we can see, the process that governs the making of a documentary is fundamentally different from that of fiction.

During the internship which takes place over 2 weeks, we will consider 3 documentaries, produced with independent teams each made up of 4 interns: 2 directors, 1 cameraman and 1 sound engineer. The technical training is done with professionals accustomed to the cinema of the real: Thierry Baivier in the image, Bernard Fincoeur in the sound and Jean-Jacques Péché in the direction. The distribution of roles can be done by consensus within the teams, but I am quite in favor of the idea that everyone touches everything. We may eventually steer each trainee in one direction or the other depending on what we have detected as a skill in each of the participants. We consider that this internship should ideally help interns to better perceive their talents in order to be able to better exploit them.


Age and training are less important than openness, determination, persistence and enthusiasm.


A notebook (and a pencil or a pen) to take notes (essential for a quality course), to write down your thoughts, to note the contacts ... A camera or a small camera are not prohibited and can provide significant help in the markings.


A motivation note and a CV are essential from each trainee.

This note must reach us at the time of registration. Applications for registration will be submitted to the professor for selection of applications.

Confirmation of registration no later than one month before the start of the course.

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