Liévine Hubert has a cross practice of singing and movement. Reflecting her journey, she offers hybrid workshops, traversed by various body and voice practices.

Physical training is a must. For her exercises, Liévine pecks in the world of dance, martial arts, yoga, meditation, writing. As long as it's good for our carcasses. As long as we come out of it taller and more radiant.

The courses and workshops consist of this kind of rituals: clean the joints / explore your phonatory system / sharpen your ears / sing Moondog / a Portuguese work song / an Irish call & response / make the group vibrate / massage yourself / strengthen your legs and relax your shoulders / make noise and silence / increase your concentration / shake your booty / dance blindfolded / debrief.

Liévine invites Inês Campos, multidisciplinary artist - choreographer, dancer, musician and visual artist, who lives in Porto. Among many other things, she sings in Sopa de Pedra, a group of Portuguese women performing work songs in contemporary arrangements. And she honors us with her presence in the Belgian Ardennes on the occasion of the AKDT.


All levels admitted: beginners welcome, more advanced students also (we will have the opportunity to work in small groups, for work adapted to different levels).

This internship is full.