Pascal Mitsuru Guéran, actor - storyteller - puppeteer, proposes to approach, in a totally playful way, the "setting in motion" of personal creativity.

With the help of games based on an instinctive and spontaneous approach, the personal creativity of each and everyone will constitute a "material", in which we can draw to nourish various forms of artistic expression.

The first 3 days of the internship will be devoted to creativity and the exploration of several artistic forms, which will be offered (writing, storytelling, bodily expression, theatrical expression, the art of puppetry and theater. objects).

Then, the following days will be devoted, according to the wishes of each and every one, either to the exploration of new forms, or to the deepening of certain artistic techniques already discussed.

The objective of the internship is to be surprised at the creative level and to find possibilities of personal expression, that his imagination will translate into an artistic form, to nourish and deepen.

Pleasure also arises when imaginaries meet and find ways to express themselves together. The proposed "work" will therefore be approached, both on an individual and collective level.

The main thing is that everyone can find their own path of creativity and expression.


The internship is open to anyone interested in a creative process, and open to an exploration of different expressive forms.

No theatrical experience is required, no expressive skills required. You can be shy, introverted, not particularly comfortable with expression at first, or on the contrary, have a lot of theater experience. The only thing that counts is the desire to discover, with a total open-mindedness. Each and every one, advances at their own pace, and according to their possibilities. And, of course, the pleasure is exhilarating when you manage to surprise yourself!


To bring, as far as possible :
- various objects, which "speak" you, that open your imagination, that you could use in terms of expression
- musical instruments, percussion, objects that "make noise"
- fabrics
- old magazines, in which you could cut out illustrations
- a "logbook" (notebook for any note taking)
most importantly, a personal object that is important to you and linked to a memory (something you could share with others).

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