Variations for couple dances are the main part of this summer school: mazurka, scottish, waltz, irregular waltzes and bourrée. In addition, we also teach a number of specific regional dances from Gascogne, Brittany, Poitou and the Basque country, as well as variations for jig and other mixers. This basic programme is complemented with other dances based on the suggestions, preferences and/or needs of the participants.
The common thread for this summer school is to improve communication while dancing, thanks to a better technique, in order to lead and follow more easily.

Aurora brings her body experience as a contemporary dancer to give warm-ups and exercises that prepare you for learning folk and trad dances.

We will learn different dances and variations than previous editions, even if the description of the workshop stays the same.


Beginner & intermediate level.
We do not ask for prior knowledge for this course, which is aimed at both beginners and dancers with an intermediate level. During 40% of the time, we will work in two separate groups, based on the dance level.
Koen and Aurora will give individual exercises and corrections, so that everyone can progress at their own speed, regardless of their original level.

It is not necessary to register with a dance partner. For couple dances, we will often change partners.


Good dance shoes help you dance better and with less effort. So bring light, comfortable shoes that slide well. The sole must be as smooth as possible.
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