Approach to contemporary lace. This traditional technique is updated, diverted and exploited for its lightness, transparency, finesse, freedom of improvisation.
This course will give the base of the practice of the lace by the study of various points, the traditional thread as well as that of other materials such as the paper, the metal, the vegetable ... A simple and accessible technique that you can complicate according to your creativity and also in a fun way.
This course is for beginners as well as for initiates and artists who are looking for new media experimentation.For the more advanced, they can pursue their own approach, come with a project, a plastic idea ... to think together.


Initiation and improvement.


Various threads of lace, in linen, cotton or silk, sewing or other ... white and colored.
If you have a pillow of lace and bobbins, scissors, box of pins. For those who want to realize their own project and consider a setting in space : the necessary documents for the realization: photos, drawings ...
Papers and drawing materials, tracing papers, graph paper.
Presentation material : cardboard, white or colored paper, cut, scissors, sticky paper, glue ...

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