Adult drawing

This drawing workshop takes place in a playful spirit, with the aim that each participant develops a personal practice. Drawing is a language close to thought, play, body, gestures, music, etc. Ulla encourages everyone from their own subjects, questions and obsessions, no matter how small, to draw them further. A first spontaneous trait, a second ... simple gestures intensify and reveal the unknown, a direct expression of body and thought. Between the organic and the systematic, the conceptual and the sensual, at once visual, tactile and visceral, the participants experiment their ideas. A multitude of shared experiences will be accompanied by the discovery of contemporary artists. The group discussions will allow everyone to refine their eyes and progress in exploring the tools of plastic language. Outside searches, in the garden or nearby woods, are also scheduled for this week.


No pre-requisites The workshop is open to anyone wishing to get involved in a creative process around drawing. Open to all ages from 18 years.


Soap, various containers, paper towel, various tapes, glue
Paper roll 200g, kraft paper, black paper, paper shetts various sizes (Steinbach, Canson...)
Paper pad A1 and A2
charcoal sticks, compressed charcoal sticks, various pencils, erasers, graphite blocks, graphite powder
Indian ink, husk for ink
Brushes, cutter, scissors
Pigment sticks, oil pastels, dry pastels, acrylic paints white and basic colours
Transparent binder, pigments

This internship is full.