This interdisciplinary course aims to develop children's creativity while teaching them how to express it through activities in the fields of visual arts and music.
During this week, everything will be an excuse to practice art!
We will learn to divert the materials, to work the sounds, the rhythms, the voice, the instruments, the objects, the forms, the colors.
A show featuring the achievements of the trainees will be presented on Saturday and will close the week.


This course is for all young people aged 9 to 11 years old (non-playing or not) and eager to participate in a creative musical experience.


You can bring your instrument and a piece that you know.
Bring flexible clothing (black or white).
Gym or yoga mat.


The reception will be on Sonday the 3 of July 2022 at 08h:30. The internship ends on saterday the 9 of July 2022 (performens at 10h:45).

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