Discover your voice, its various possibilities, open your ears to sound, sensations, imagination, let yourself be transported by the voices of others, allow yourself all the singing experiences, gain confidence and taste the pleasure of being in vocal freedom ...

The approach is centered on the exploration of vocal resources (singing voice, speaking voice, breath, onomatopoeia, laughter ...) and on the composition of creative vocal forms. We will implement a series of games around sounds, words and rhythm.

The work is based on physical and vocal relaxation, on experiences aiming to energize the imagination, to go beyond the known territory of the voice, to break down the partitions between the different registers and techniques, to mobilize daring and pleasure. .

No prerequisite is necessary but a vocal practice is an asset whatever the field.


Adults (singers or not, anyone wishing to (re) discover a playful report to the voice).


Gym or yoga mat.

This internship is full.