Training place

The internship will take place at La Gatte d'Or :

Friday from 18.00, saturday and sunday from 9.00 to 17.00

For meals call +32 491 74 05 31.


We are going to learn how to change the direction of rotation while dancing mazurka, scottish, waltz, polka and 5 time waltz. The couples will turn right and left alternately at different moments in the dance. We will learn the so-called 'salsa' variations and other ways to play with the direction of rotation.

The emphasis is on communication in the dance and on leading and following, with specific exercises. You will also receive some general dance tips and personal corrections.


Workshop for advanced dancers, and for talented semi-advanced dancers who learn quickly.

You should master the basic steps of the waltz fluently, have a stable dance posture, be familiar with leading and/or following, and preferably also be open to changing roles.  We assume that you need at least 2 years of intensive dance practice. Some of this experience may have been acquired in other couples dances (tango, salsa, forro, ...).


Good dancing shoes make sure you can dance easier and better. So make sure you have light, comfortable shoes. An extra pair can come in handy. Don't hesitate to bring more than one outfit per day, as well as deo, a fan, a water bottle...


It is never necessary to register as a couple for our dance workshops. We will often change partners.

Therefore, you can register alone, as a couple, with friends ...

If you have questions about the program and level, do not hesitate to contact Koen :

Une collaboration avec l'ASBL La Gatte d'Or



« La Gatte d'Or » se situe à proximité de Marche-en-Famenne, à 4 kilomètres de la Nationale 4.

Depuis la Nationale 4 Namur – Arlon, entre Marche et Bastogne

En venant de Namur via Marche :

Sortir au Km 107, sortie Charneux Harsin Nassogne
Au centre de Harsin, direction Nassogne
Après 1 km, face à l’abri bus, direction Ambly – Cherbai
Le N° 10 se trouve plus ou moins à 400 m du N°4

En venant de Bastogne :

Sortir au Km 110, sortie Harsin Marloie Rochefort
Au centre de Harsin, direction Nassogne
Après 1 km, face à l’abri bus, direction Ambly – Cherbai
Le N° 10 se trouve plus ou moins à 400 m du N°4.

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