Engraving is an art of expression.
The print - the engraving - the printed image are terms that define a medium - a technique.
Place of expression, its origin is the matrix, its specificity is the multiple - the series. Engraving is a set of techniques : from antique stamping to size, from saving size to silkscreen, from offset art to the search for individual expression. During this internship, the soft cut (engraving on metal) will rub the lithography. We will put in situation the intaglio image (the soft size) and the flat image (the lithography).
What can be said about these two techniques whose approaches may seem opposite? To discover and explore during the internship.


Initiation and improvement.


Kit containing : pencils, eraser, brushes, cutter, pen, scissors, blood, charcoal, pastels (dry and fat), litho pencils (1-3-5), litho chalks (0-3), litho ink drawing. Apron, cloths, paper and wood scissors if you have them, engraving tools.
Print paper for final prints.
AKDT supplies zinc, plywood, linoleum, test paper.
N.B. You will be able to buy quality paper on the spot (limited choice : Velin d'Arches, Zerkal, Van Gelder).

This internship is full.