This internship offers to create and interpret your artistic purpose, in an imaginative, poetic, zany oratorical laboratory committed to the world. The external world of today and tomorrow, but also our internal worlds, since they influence each other and that is where the artist can intervene.

For this we will first of all have (every day by way of “actor training”) opportunities to discover ourselves as performers on a stage, to work on the tools of the actor which are his body, his voice, his imagination and to discover also all the strength of the collective. We will do this through playful exercises that raise awareness of everyone's possibilities of expression, and also of what they want to express, of what they want to come and play, tell, create.

Then, as creators of our subject, different techniques and materials chosen according to the group will be able to stimulate the creations (guided improvisations, writing, readings, singing, etc.).

This year, we will be sensitive to the meeting of theater and the themes of the Transition, including contact with "nature" (# Another end of the world is possible # Global warming # Agro-ecology # Education # Transition stories # Forest # River # Connected body)

There will not necessarily be a final performance but in any case an opportunity to try out several expressive learning in a time untied from the pursuit of short-term results.

Everything will be worked on to bring out the concerns and artistic personalities of each one but also to create a group coherence, and a common aesthetic. The work will be crossed by a spirit that we hope will be joyful, poetic, impactful and buoyant.


To prepare the internship at best and promote the most fruitful group dynamics (age, experience, etc ...), we would like to receive from each candidate-participant a short presentation text (half an A4 or more) with who he is, his motivation for the internship and his career: what he likes and has already done as an artistic any form whatsoever in Theater (drama, declamation, show at school, poetry, clown, mime .. .), Music (instrument, singing, choir, band, rhythm, beatbox ...), Writing (poetry, prose, news ...) or even Dance and Visual Arts ...


- Warm-up suit ("neutral", preferably black).

- Some costume items (old clothes, hats, wigs, fabrics, accessories ...).

- Your musical instrument if you play it (take your larynx with you anyway).

- A notebook.

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