Procedure: Each morning is devoted to one of the ingredients in question. The afternoon gives the opportunity to put them into practice in improvisations that get longer and longer as the week goes on. The first day, the improvisations last 20 minutes. On the last day we'll get to hour-long improvisations.

Method: The course requires from each participant a paradoxical availability: the controlled letting go. First, we will gradually deconstruct the reflexes of short improvisation that are not appropriate for long improvisation to focus on the moment. Do not try to play improvisation but let it play on us. Discover that improvisation has its own intelligence. Then, little by little, we will approach some scriptwriting rules essential to building a story of about an hour. The goal is to become aware of what is created spontaneously, unconsciously, and then to reinforce and develop it consciously.

Tools: The internship is never perfectly identical from one time to another but the tools discussed are generally the following: emotion, sincerity, listening beyond words, places and their impact on the imagination, the economy of words or how to play without explaining, the objectives, the dilemma, the passage to action, the different techniques of ellipses and their scriptwriting interests, ...

Warning: Given the preponderant importance of working on emotions within the internship, it is not recommended for people who have difficulty expressing emotions or reading them in others.


The course is open to professionals and amateurs alike, but a minimum of theatrical or improvising baggage and a strong motivation are desired.

This internship is full.