"Every creative act implies a new innocence of the free perception of cataract of received ideas. Arthur Koestler

Course objectives:

The workshop proposes to open up plastic and graphic creation by exploring the imaginary of the body in its interior medium, the basis of the expression of form.

Various scenarios will be offered aimed at developing the lines of force of the deep body, in their extreme points of expression and / or movement.

The subjects approached will include, through scenographies, inanimate objects (still life), natural elements (landscapes), built elements and their integration (architecture), the human body, immobile or in action, and all other proposals likely to to develop learning.

Scenographies, indoor and natural discoveries will promote plastic creation in all its forms: work on easels, on the ground, black and white, colors, all formats combined.

Participants will enjoy complete freedom both in the proposed scenography and body positioning approaches and in the choice of graphic and pictorial techniques, the main thing being to lead a personal project while benefiting from the energy of the group.

Concrete links with the shooting courses (photos and moving images) as well as music and improvisation) will be offered in order to promote the emergence of a collective creation.

Two sensibilities, two views, two personalities to accompany you in this discovery:

Anne Englebert, Multiple Trainings in Approaching the Body. Numerous current collaborations in the world of music, dance and visual arts. Internship leader at AKDT Libramont

Jean-Paul Laixhay, architect, painter, retired teacher at ESA st Luc de Liège. Internship leader at the Contemporary Art Workshops in Liège and at the AKDT in Libramont.


Cadrage et format : intégration du sujet dans un contexte donné et interférences avec les limites du contour en lien avec les propositions scénographiques ;

Intensités lumineuses et rapports entre clair et obscur ;

Nuances d’intensité colorée et de contraste concourant à la définition des surfaces ;

Rendu des ombres et lumières ;

Découverte de techniques rapides de dessin visant à la synthétisation du sujet abordé ;

Exploration de moyens d’application non conventionnels (doigts, main gauche ,..), sur supports et positions variés (chevalet, au sol, en extérieur,…).


Each participant will be asked to formulate a project as an intention BEFORE the course. This project will be submitted for evaluation at the same time as the application.


Provide flexible and working clothes;
Bring different types of media (all types of paper, recycled, recovered, brown craft paper roll, canvas fabrics, documents, texts, photos, magazines, etc.);
Different techniques possible;
Brushes, rags, pigments, glue;
Stepladder if possible;
For all other details, it is advisable to contact the facilitators directly.
0474 59 52 58

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