This internship offers cutting-edge technique drawn from Russian and American acting practices. Very simple, fast and effective, it is based on the influence of the presence, receptivity and imagination of the body. She gives a magnetic game of impressive energetic strength and variety, ranging from tragedy to burlesque, from epic to realism.

By activating a continuous flow of play, the memory of sensations and the investigation of a purely physical imagination, the technique allows one to find great emotional expressiveness, in the lightness and joy of personal expenditure.

This deeply sensitive, intuitive and playful approach is based on awareness and full and sincere experience of the present through the imaginary.

This course is aimed at all students and practitioners of the performing arts, as well as film actors wishing to improve their performances or renew the approach to their art. He focuses on the search for a radiant and liberated presence on stage, to achieve a deeply singular and authentic existence.


Good physical condition.


A motivation note and a CV are essential from each trainee.

This note must reach us at the time of registration. Applications for registration will be submitted to the professor for selection of applications.

Confirmation of registration no later than one month before the start of the course.

This internship is full.