Training / Basics reminder:

Listening to oneself, to the public, to the partner; rhythm the game; clown the body, gestures and emotions; the singular delirium of each; the readability of the game, the tools to "manage" our clowns without restraining them.

Scenario (possibilities depending on the group):

The clown in everyday life; everyone's home; the clownish duo and trio; the relationship to the hierarchy; the obsessions and obstacles of each character; the clown and sport; its relation to objects; the bringing into play of song, dance, music.

The voice and the word of the clowns.

Writing and Creation:

Vast subject, we will approach it, in all modesty, by writing for oneself but also for others. Develop individual autonomy. Distinguish the author and his clown, essential for creating. Throughout the course, we will work on short writings, solo, duet and trio, which will be tested in front of the public in a “Cabaret des Chantiers” at the end of the week.

A summary of the course and the missions of each are done by watching the Cabaret film together on the last morning of the week.

An Inventory of each clown: throughout the week, we will develop a substantial inventory of each character, for the present but also for the future. A great tool for the rest of our clown lives.


A course for clowns from “already born” to “advanced”.

Warning : this course is very physical, it is better to be in very good shape !


Attach a CV of your “clownish” and artistic background. Applications will be submitted to the professor for selection of applications.

Public course: "Le Cabaret des Chantiers" will take place at the end of the week.

A preparation letter will be sent before the internship.

This internship is full.