Internship oriented on the creation of jewels or small objects.

"Sand cast iron" is a technique for making jewelry and objects by pouring molten metal into disposable sand molds for single use.
Ephemeral containers capable of receiving and preserving the impression of a three-dimensional object and of resisting the pouring of molten metal (brass, bronze, copper, aluminum).

The technique of sand casting has been used for centuries.
At the time, when goldsmiths crafted large objects with curves or angles that were difficult to obtain with other processes, they deposited sand on the ground and formed an impression in which they cast the metal. .

The jewels made with this technique are usually made of solid metal. In jewelery, sand casting is carried out in wooden boxes or metal formed of two cylinders. They allow to pour the metal horizontally or vertically at the top of the box (by the jet), and to arrive in the hollow formed in the sand.

Purpose of the internship :

Acquire the basic technique of sand casting or refinement of the technique.
This technical learning can be coupled with formal experiences in order to enhance the student's artistic research.


Initiation and improvement, students must not have any particular knowledge. From 16 years old.


Small jewelery material (pliers, small tool for carving, saw Bocfil, lime, ...).
Metal to cast (brass, copper, silver, bronze), there will also be available during the course.
Small basic shapes to mold (ring, small piece of wood, plastic shape, stone, small object, ...).

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