The traditional forms and techniques will be reinterpreted by the look and the contemporary imagination. The presence of the body will have a central place in this course. It is handmade, it is the body of the observer in relation to the sculpture, it is the sculpture carried by the body, and finally the body wrapped by the sculpture.
We will reinterpret the techniques and forms of weaving that we know of tradition, using our imagination. We will look at the basketry that we know through contemporary shows, let us be inspired by contemporary artists.
In this course a central place is given to the presence of our body.

-First, the body and especially the hands will realize basketry,
-Second we will study the physical presence and the experience of the spectator / user with respect to the wicker we are going to make,
-Third, the body can be (partly) represented by the sculpture and finally the body can carry the sculpture or be wrapped.

The size of the braid can be tiny, but also considerably large.


Bring recycling materials such as thin and thick string, electric wire of different colors, wire, wool (to be assembled), Tetra Brik (to be cut), plastic caps, ...
Wood glue, copper wire
Tools (secateurs, pliers, scissors, knife, small hammer, a big needle, brush, ...).

We supply the wicker

This internship is full.