The internship will explore three axes.
The first is the anecdotal line of a scene: everything related to the unfolding of the story, to the bodily actions, to the physical manifestations of the conflicts, to the behaviors of the characters.
The second line, sensory, links the action to the functioning of the five senses.
Finally, the emotional line connects the action and the senses to the emotion of the character. The goal is to create a dialogue between these three components.
There can be no "whites", interruption of play in each of these lines.

Morning : actor training on goals, conflicts, action, sensory and emotional memory.
Afternoon : application in the cinema or theater scenes (one scene serves two people).
In the interests of maximizing your internship, I propose a meeting towards the end of June, during which you will be able to choose your scene and your partner.
You can make your proposals. In case you have no idea or not find a scene that you like, I will bring to this meeting enough proposals to satisfy all of you.
If you can not attend this meeting, it is not a big problem, you will be served like the others (internet will support us).
For the training of actor, you will bring a text, a poem, a letter ... which sensitizes you particularly, known by heart also. This text must not exceed one page ...


The internship is reserved for people who already have a theatrical practice (amateurs, professionals, students in drama.). Exceptionally, we can accept one or the other person without experience (if it is very motivated and enthusiastic) after a small discussion that can be done over the phone.


Soft hold keeping the actor's mobility intact.

This internship is full.