Firstly :
Discover the fibers used to make paper, prepare a pulp by cooking and processing a local plant, iris or corn ...Make leaves using various techniques, use different pasta, cotton pasta, flax or Asian pasta such as mitsumata, etc. the possible variations according to the way in which the sheet is formed, of which it is dried, to observe the characteristics of the papers obtained.

In a second time :
Creative research related to paper
- according to a personal project
- or according to a project conducted this year in collaboration with the calligraphy workshop (a priori with two 1/2 days of exchange - discovery of graphics / letters in connection with a foreign alphabet, work of the layout, embossing) on the theme : graphical rhythm declined according to the positive / negative axes, full / empty, hollow / bumps.


Open to everyone.


1 apron (eg kitchen apron), gloves (type Mappa gloves) because we will rinse fibers that have cooked in soda.
1 hand towel, large scissors, 1 cutter, scissors, pencil, ruler ...

Fine elements : paper, threads, fine fabrics, dried plants that you would like to integrate in leaves.
Elements to emboss the leaves: textures in relief, engraved lino plates ...
Elements in volumes on which we will be able to mold leaves (salad bowl, bowls, boxes ...)
Paper to recycle.
Any documentation you find interesting to share.
If you have some types of papers that interest you, we can look together how they are made.

If you want to take advantage of the internship to make a simple form (sieve) paper, you can bring 2 empty frames, same format (wood, you can varnish or oil in advance).
I will bring the fine grid fiberglass that we can stretch on it (the frames must be flat).

This internship is full.