A week in a good mood by learning this incredible dance !

Come and discover the world of Swing with Sax & Ale !

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of Lindy Hop and Charleston in order to have fun on the dance floor !

Sax & Ale will take you on a journey through the history and evolution of swing dances and jazz music !

Program :

- Lindy Hop 6 and 8 times

- Charleston Solo

- Charleston as a couple

- History of swing

- History of jazz

- Philososwing


Registration possible with a registered partner, but if you do not have a partner, do not worry, because we will find a balance between "leader" dancer and "follower" dancer. The couples will change constantly so that everyone learns to communicate while dancing. We will work on the basis of Lindy Hop and authentic jazz. This course is aimed at both beginners and dancers already initiated. The process will be quite varied and there will be challenges for people who already have experience.


Good shoes are essential, with leather soles. Sneakers are also possible. Plan 2 pairs.
The lessons being intensive, you need a spare T-shirt, a small towel and a water bottle.
It requires soft and pleasant clothes for the course.
For parties, evening clothes.

This internship is full.