This movement course is aimed at actors, dancers, musicians, choreographers, authors, directors, directors, teachers, movement lovers, curious minds and anyone wishing to recognize, discover, stimulate the extent of their bodily potential.

An exceptional opportunity to discover the principles and concepts of ‘Shifting Process’, a methodology developed by Olga Masleinnikova.

His work is inspired by contemporary principles of Rudolf Laban called 'choreology' the psychophysical, somatic and bioenergetic disciplines. The week will be dedicated to discovering, feeling, listening, moving, playing and going beyond your body's comfort zones and creating a solo on the theme of your choice.

The mornings will be dedicated to the notion of presence and well-being; we will deepen our body's organic relationship to space, dynamics, sound, emotions, objects, nature and other bodies. We are going to prepare our instrumental body; identify our bodily preferences, our physical habits and expand our bodily, creative and expressive potential.

The afternoons will be dedicated to exploring the movement and composition of your solo. We will discuss different concepts every day in order to broaden your possibilities and potential choices and expand your instrumental body toolbox.

At the end of this immersion in the world of movement and your creativity, you will receive new tools and will no longer see movement the same way.


Comfortable clothes (multiple layers), an open mind, a willingness to explore, a notebook to write on, a water bottle, pens, drawing materials, shoes to move around if you are not in it. comfortable barefoot, a blanket.

Also take an object to which you feel connected, think of a theme or a character to explore for your solo. Also bring images that speak to you, inspire you or make you want to create.


Attach a cover letter and a resume. These requests will be submitted to the professor for selection of applications. Confirmation of registration no later than one month before the beginning of the internship.

This internship is full.