Organ Directory

- instrumental technique work on keyboards as well as pedal depending on the level of the student

- discover and deepen a targeted repertoire in consultation with the student and his journey.

- Being able to discover different ways of playing and using the instrument according to the repertoire to be interpreted.

- acquire certain methods and a certain autonomy of personal work.

Organ Improvisation

- discovery or deepening of certain tonal and modal languages. (baroque, romantic, neo-classical ...)

- implementation of certain musical forms (Choral and variation, Passacaille, Fugue, Scherzo, Sonata ...)

- deepen the use of the organ by the choice of registers, during improvisation

- develop improvised musical writing. For this purpose, one hour of writing at the table can be offered daily (Harmonization of Choral, popular themes, types of Cadences, etc.)


The minimum age required is 8 years.

Organ Repertoire :

There are no direct prerequisites to start the internship, having a knowledge of the keyboard is naturally welcome. The organ repertoire course is aimed at both beginners and more experienced students.

Organ Improvisation :

Improvisation requires some basic prerequisites such as a confirmed knowledge of the keyboard with a certain independence. Notions of harmony and writing are also a plus.

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