Learning to play jazz is a bit like learning to live together. Listen to others and simultaneously find one's own place, understand the differences of each artistic sensibility and try to share it. Moreover, this music requires the study of rules and the knowledge of the great improvisers masters of the history of jazz as well as composers of learned and popular music. The practice of jazz thus provides a multilateral path : on the one hand the appropriation of a specific-technical-intellectual baggage, and on the other, the search for its own artistic identity through an instinctive approach.
Course objective : "feel to be able to react ..."
Technical content :
- work on rhythm and phrasing
- basics and advances on the 4.5-way harmonization technique from a theme
- building a solo from a harmonic grid
- help in finding a personal contact with the instrument
- pleasure and sound experimentation: free improvisation
- possibility (whoever wishes) to work on the composition techniques.


5 years minimum of practice of the instrument. Knowledge of the basics of jazz harmony.


Music paper for occasional notes and, if necessary, some jazz recordings you listen to.

This internship is full.