The exercise of Qi Gong offers flexibility, strength, vitality, relaxation, calm, concentration, creativity ... especially as summer allows to benefit from the forces of nature (trees, wind, rain, sun)."Qi" means "Energy, Breath" while "Gong" refers to the idea of strength, of work ... It is therefore an implementation of Qi by movements that combine breathing and the conduct of Qi ( meridians ...).
The series called "Deer", worked this year, refers to symbolic aspects that will be discussed. We will learn Qi Gong or even Taiji or Gong Fu movements in order to get rid of inappropriate movement patterns, to ease forced attitudes and to bring about more accuracy. The person who accompanies me will help you to repeat them.
A feeling of freedom, a soft attention to self, a deployment in space ... are signs of a freer flow of blood and energy.
But beyond the "health benefit", it is the beauty of the gesture that we will welcome with simplicity.


All levels


Flat shoes for the interior. Cover and carpet. An outfit for the outside and possibly a cushion to sit on the ground.


This workshop will take place at Atelier des Cimes ; a collective hut perched in the trees in B-6887 Martilly : rue du Mont.

It is located to 12 kilometers from Neufchâteau.

ATTENTION ! Carpooling is necessary.

A collaboration with Atelier des Cimes


This internship is full.