"A painting is not less painting when it is figurative and it is not more when it is abstract". Erik Verhagen

Integrate in the pictorial and plastic research module the notion of "interpretation", that is to say, where to lead and how the path of ideas and research before their realization or simply, how to concretize an intention. The primary interest of this practice is found in the means of expression used, regardless of whether this attitude is figurative or abstract. Appropriate and demanding practice is therefore absolutely necessary. The pictorial composition and its organization of forms exceeds the limits of the image, it can be at the same time free or controlled, random and directed, accidental or programmed ... but above all, at the moment of the action, it is necessary to be in the painting 'with the will and determination to lead a painter's gesture. It is a complicit act between the driver, his vehicle and the path he chooses, the important thing is not to go wrong. It would therefore be desirable for each future trainee to think before the training period of the notion of target, regardless of school affiliation, movement, art ... Meeting other existing initiatives can help him or her insert into one (or more) family of expression, which allows him to reduce the fields of action in favor of a better defined goal. The pictorial act is always demanding, both literally and figuratively. During the first days, trainees will be asked to work with certain proposed constraints. "The important thing is the right moment to do the right thing, when you have to, so you have to be on the lookout, waiting I do not know what ... just to see what happens.In painting, only the raw material is objective, the rest is subjective. The raw material is everywhere too and it is useful. The whole thing is to choose just ... its objective, its target. " I apply color and varnish, they find their own paths on the bottom, the color starts moving, the painting gives something that does not exist, it's a game of 'power' with or without control The painting determines its own destiny. " Sigmar Polke


Initiation and improvement.


Personal documentation on the selected pictorial expression family.
Steinbach paper, grey cardboard, paintings (oil and acrylic), Indian ink, gouaches, colored pencils, pastels, charcoal, brushes (round brushes and spalters 1 to 10 cm wide), matt varnish, lead mines, rags and test paper and a bank of image data chosen as a subject or pretext for expression.


To meet on the Internet the works of visual artists such as : David Salle, Sigmar Polke, Gerhard Richter, Julian Schnabel, Marc Desgranchamps, Pat Andréa, Rose Marie Trockel, Sandrine Pelletier, Jerome Zonder, Elly Strik, Adrien Ghenie, Rudolf Stingel, Marlene Dumas, Jenny His city...

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