For students who have never or rarely practiced the Rhythm Signed

This Stage of Signed Rhythm aims to discover the magic of sign language universal "the Rhythm Signed" while practicing percussion in group.
The Signed Rhythm is an intuitive and complete sign language of more than 100 characters, allowing a beginner to discover the music through the immediate experience of the game, to an amateur to progress
in the pleasure and to a professional to lead artistic projects, educational, socio-cultural or therapeutic, for all ages. A conductor indicates in real time, by means of
of sign language, the rules of a game in which the musicians, organized in sections, make improvised musical proposals. The latter captures them, records them, shapes them, puts them in
relationship, the structure to fulfill a goal: to produce rhythm, let off steam, learn and play group music. The Rhythm Signed was created by the composer Argentinian Santiago
Vazquez (Ritmo con Senas) in 2007. The collective Sysmo is the first ambassador in Europe, since 2012.

The internships will be given by our teachers SYSMO Davy Palumbo and Guillaume Codutti.

This internship is full.