Silkscreen is the ideal printing technique to express yourself with color. It is this aspect in particular that will be put into practice, besides the introduction to the methods of work and the manipulation of the tools.

NUANCIER : familiarization with the gestures of printing through the collective realization of a color chart in duotone. From a selection of colored inks, which results are obtained by transparency, by superimposing them two by two? This color chart, each of which retains a copy, serves as a reference for future experiments

EDITION : development and printing of a three-layer pattern, practical introduction to stencil making. Simultaneously, everyone conceives his own image, develops his artwork, and prepares his screen for stencils. It is then a question of experimenting the reports of colors, by printing the image in different chromatic versions. One of the combinations is chosen for its edition with several identical copies, one of which is offered to each participant at the end of the course.

Method :

Alternately, individual and team work. Presentation and analysis of documents, demonstrations and practical experiments.

Technical knowledge :

Printing on paper : identification, use of water-based inks (non-toxic). From the model image to the stencil: the artwork (hand-made - drawing, paper cut). Preparation of the screen stencil: coating, sunstroke, skinning.


Initiation and development


Work supports:

2 block 20 sheets A3 Steinbach 250g
10 sheets A3 black paper 150g
10 sheets A3 tracing paper ± 90g
2 sheets black paper A2 250g
15 sheets white paper A2 250g
Copy paper A3
Miscellaneous printing media (heavy paper, paperboard, tissue...)

Drawing materials:

1 mechanical pencil (or pencil and sharpener)
1 eraser
1 glue stick
1 opaque and indelible black marker (with alcohol or Posca type)
1 cutter or 1 pair of scissors
1 graduated slat

Preparation and cleaning:

1 work clothes (sleeves and thighs covered)
1 hand towels ± 30x50 cm
1 kitchen towel ± 30x50 cm
2 microfiber cloth ± 20x30 cm
1 cleaning bucket 5 liters
1 spray bottle ± 500 ml
± 20 disposable cotton cloths ± 20x20 cm
± 10 old newspapers (without staples)
± 10 plastic yogurt pots (empty and clean)
1 round-tipped table knives, metal
1 roll of masking tape 20 mm
1 roll of brown adhesive tape 50 mm (moving type)
1 household sponge type "Nicol's"

This internship is full.