Discover the different technical stages of bronze.
To tame and experience the processes of fusion. Lost wax technique practiced in Burkina Faso.
Creation of the model in wax, molding by forming a hull made of earth and dried horse dung.
Cooking and de-waxing of mussels over a wood fire.
Oven manufacturing.
The metal is melted by the energy of the coke.
Casting of molten bronze.
Finishing work of cast objects (chiseling, sanding, filing ...).
Finishing the piece by the patina.


Anyone wishing to experiment with different techniques of bronze fusion. From creation to finish.


Drawing notebook. Your personal tools (files, rasps, cutting pliers, wires, strings, knives, spatulas, chisels, mirettes, tools of the size of the stone and the wood).

This internship is full.